Who wants some Bacon! The Samsung Galaxy S II now has CyanogenMod 7. The first nightly has finally hit the download mirrors and is available now. Back in June Samsung sent a few lucky developers of CM the super phone Galaxy S II and basically invited them to hack it up and get CM7 running on it. The team did just that and as a result we all benefit.

We knew nightly builds were coming soon and the group called teamhacksung have been talking about it plenty on Twitter and Google+ but now it is finally here. They posted a video showing its speed and I’ll add that below just to be nice.

As always you are flashing a custom ROM and therefore are responsible for any problems that may arise, that includes if the phone starts on fire (it wont). Basically know what you are doing, and have fun. For all the info, links, and full details hit up the XDA thread. The rules are simple as you need to be rooted and just flash the latest nightly like any other ROM. It is recommended that you wipe and clear data/cache if coming from a different ROM. Again here is the direct download page for CM7 on the SGSII.

[via XDA Forums]

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