Samsung has announced their latest Galaxy S related milestone and this is the big 100 million mark. According to Samsung, global channel sales of the Galaxy S III, Galaxy S II and Galaxy S have crossed the 100 million mark as of January 13, 2013. These details all come by way of a Samsung issued press release where they note that the Galaxy S III has crossed the 40 million mark.

And again, just to clarify, we are talking unit channel sales. Other numbers coming from Samsung include a reminder that the Galaxy S III crossed the 20 million global channel sales mark in just 100 days (back in May 2012), which made it the fastest selling smartphone to date.

Touching on the Galaxy S II and Galaxy S for a moment and we see that the Galaxy S II had 10 million in global channel sales in five months time and that the Galaxy S launched in June 2010 and saw 10 million in global channel sales in seven months time. Otherwise, the Galaxy S II has seen 40 million in total with the Galaxy S having seen 24 million in total.

And if nothing else, this does show something of a pattern for Samsung. Not the fact that the Galaxy S devices have been top sellers, but that they typically announce them sometime into the year. If you notice, the Galaxy S launched in June 2010, the Galaxy S II launched in April 2011 and the Galaxy S III launched in May 2012. Anyway, this certainly doesn’t pinpoint anything specific as to when we can expect an announcement for the Galaxy S IV, however it does clearly show that we should not have expected it during CES.