Samsung announced the GALAXY S 4 Zoom earlier in the week and it seems they aren’t going to waste any time in showing what the camera is capable of doing. Enter the ‘Official Lifestyle Demo Video’ teaser that Samsung has recently shared. This video is a little under three minutes in length and has the handset dubbed as the “only smartphone with 10x optical zoom.” Or perhaps more important for those curious — Samsung shows many of the camera specific features.

The video is essentially someone going on a photo walk, however you are given a look at the features throughout the walk beginning with the fact that you can use the handset to take calls. While that may sound a bit obvious given this is a phone, Samsung did highlight how you can capture and share images while on an active call. The beginning of the video also gives a look at the zoom-ring control.

Aside from the 10x optical zoom, the GALAXY S 4 Zoom also sports a 16M BSI CMOS sensor which should help to improve the images you shoot in low-light. The optical image stabilizer will help to keep your images steady and sharp — even if you cannot say the same for the hand you are using to hold the camera. Looking back to that zoom-ring control and in addition to being able to zoom, that will also serve as a quick launch to the camera features.

There are also some features that should be able to provide some help. The Zoom has a Smart Mode Suggest option that will help the user to pick the most appropriate mode based on the current conditions. And for those curious, there are 25 Smart Modes in total. Users will also see something called Photo Suggest which provides location based suggestions.

All said and done, the GALAXY S 4 Zoom looks like it could be a good option for those who want something more than the basic smartphone camera setup, but still doesn’t want to carry around a second point and shoot camera. So how about it, anyone interested in picking up a Zoom? In the meantime, make sure you check out the video sitting above because in addition to talk of features, Samsung also offers a look at some of the screens.


  1. Anybody else notice the on-screen navigation buttons at the bottom of the S4 the boyfriend and friend are using? Interesting…


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