With nary a word save for a Swedish press release, Samsung has quietly brought the refreshed version of its Galaxy S 4 flagship into European territory. This model, previously exclusive only to its home market of Korea, features a different processor and support for LTE-Advanced technology.

It is probably already common knowledge that not only does Samsung churn out numerous smartphone models like crazy, it also sometimes puts out unequal variants of the same model, available only in a few territories. The latest is its new Galaxy Note 3 phablet, with a non-LTE Exynos-powered version available in some markets whereas others have LTE-enabled Snapdragon 800 chips. There is also a rumor that the manufacturer is planning on refreshing its Galaxy S4 Active with an upgraded processor.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4, half a year old by now, has not escaped unscathed. Last June, the company announced a revamped version of the device, sporting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor instead of the Exynos octa-core it originally came with, as well as support for LTE-A networks. Unfortunately, that variant has only been available in South Korea. At least until now, it seems.

There are still no pricing details for this newer Galaxy S 4 with LTE-A and no store has made an announcement of its availability yet. It has, however, appeared on Samsung’s German site and an international online retailer suggests a rather high $950 price tag.