Details of an update for the Verizon Galaxy S 4 surfaced earlier in the week, though at the time the update was only available for those willing to grab it using a Mac or Windows computer. Basically, it wasn’t available over-the-air. Not to mention, there wasn’t any changelog available and given those two points — we suspect more than a few users waited to update. That said, that changelog has since been posted and we have the detail sitting below.

The update is shown as being software version JDQ39.I545VRUAME7 and the changelog contains a decent sized list of enhancements. And nicely done, these enhancements deal with items that have been improved and also items that have been resolved. There were also a few items that were removed. Given that list is the shortest of the bunch, lets break those down first. The removed capabilities include the following;

  • Tag buddy popup when a new photo is opened
  • The premium SMS popup during ISIS Wallet activation
  • Warning popup when transferring pictures to device/SD card

The improved items include touch recognition in the VZ Navigator app, battery consumption for the Group Play app, stability in the Story Album and Camera apps, hovering in the email app and the charging status display when the handset is removed from a wireless charging pad.

The resolved issues touch on everything from the Calendar and Bluetooth, to notification alerts and an issue that occasionally had the screen not waking up for an incoming call. Aside from that specific, the remaining resolved issues include the following;

  • Calendar user interface dialog dismiss issue; Smart cover and full screen event alert will be displayed as expected
  • Occasional ISIS Mobile Wallet activation issues
  • Bluetooth connectivity with Ford Sync system
  • Occasional cases of garbled text when viewing videos
  • Instances, extremely large font was displayed for emails
  • Notification alert issue when Sound and Shot selected in camera


Some of the other additions with this update include a popup with instructions dealing with the Smart Scroll feature, the addition of a WiFi quick on/off toggle in the Notification Panel, the Secure Boot Status showing in Settings -> About phone and a new version of the SHealth application. The remaining enhancements include the ability to use Samsung Trace keystrokes on the lock screen, modified display of a dismissed Facebook notification, closed captioning for help videos and an updated Samsung Hub application.

One other point worth mentioning for those taking the rooting and third-party ROM route — this update is said to be causing problems. Simply put, if you are already rooted or are planning to root in the short term future you will likely want to hold off on this update. Finally, those looking for more about the Galaxy S 4, we had a full review of the handset along with a hands-on and unboxing of the Verizon model a short time back.