Each time a new flagship device hits the streets we get all types of different coverage. Aside from all the reviews, benchmarks, and camera samples there’s those screen scratch tests, drop tests, and even the notorious “will it blend” tests. Today the hardened screen protector company Brando is showing off their GALAXY S 4 tempered glass handling the toughest of tests.

This isn’t the first scratch test, and surely won’t be the last. Everyone ties the latest gadget to their brand name and releases a video, but this one was fun for one simple reason. Brando gets out an electric grill and gives the screen protector and the GALAXY S 4 a run for its money. Obviously they don’t apply too much pressure, but whoa, that’s pretty neat.

Samsung’s 5-inch 1080p FHD display handles most abuse quite well thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass 3 for protection, but for those that would rather scratch a new piece of glass sitting on top instead of the real glass, Brando shows us how well their product can handle the job.

So when the Samsung GALAXY S 4 hits the streets in the next few days (or next month for those on Verizon) you’ll be able to protect that screen with a variety of different screen protectors. One option is Brando and as we saw above, their tempered glass protector is quite durable. Personally, I just want that GALAXY S 4 Active smartphone that is waterproof, tipped to be coming in July. So, would you dare take a drill to your smartphone?


  1. at about 50 seconds you can clearly see a screen protector on that phone…so the question is: who makes that screen protector!


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