White or Blue not your colors? Perhaps you’re more of a Mocha Brown person? Maybe you’re a Midnight Purple aficionado? Thankfully Colorware has your answer and will let you “color customize” your Samsung Galaxy S4 for a not-so-inexpensive 1000 U.S. Dollars.

With the Samsung Galaxy S4 being a hot seller (although who’s to say how long that will last) with over 10 million units sold last month, anyone in the know will gladly admit that its color palette is quite… small. Even though rumors are on the rise that there will be 4 new colors headed our way this summer, it still doesn’t quite fit the needs of some people seeking individuality.

Now, using a full color spectrum to allow you to choose from an endless supply of colors, Colorware has been the first one to take the step to a whole, new, colorful S4 world. You can have your phone in any color you want, but at the mind-numbingly, heart-achingly, bank account drainingly, astronomical price of $1000.

I’m sure you’re now wondering how you’re going to come up with coin, especially seeing the fact that to set a specific color to your phone will set you back almost twice the phones price itself. Perhaps selling off your car, or your house, or a kidney (or two if you’re feeling lucky) might be a good idea.

What you’re paying for though, is a labor of love. The Galaxy S4 is disassembled, cleaned, masked, painted, inspected, buffed, and then reassembled. This likely takes a few hours. Is it worth the $1000 in labor and paint? The decision is up to you.

As it stands now, we’ll take ours in a nice, vibrant, Lemon Lime, thank you very much.

SOURCE: TalkAndroid