Just 1 month ago, the Samsung GS4 entered the market with high hopes of reaching its yearly 100 million sales goal. 10 million sales into the first month, the company was prepared for yet another phenomenal success. Analysts however, fear that may not be the case, and are taking precautions against slowing sales.

With Apple projected to introduce a new “Trade-In” program, financial analysts are fearing that the growth of sales utilizing the GS4 nameplate (Which include the Mini and Active) will slump, therefore cutting sales forecasts and severely dashing last months growth. With projected early losses of 20-30%, it could hinder the hopes Samsung had of making a brash impact into an already heavily populated market space.

With the Samsung GS3, sales hit an excellent high of 50 Million. The biggest dilemma is that although Samsung has sold 10 million S4’s to date, they have only been sold to regional channels, and not directly to consumers themselves. As well, to date, no announcements, either informal or formally, have been made regarding just how many of those units did make it into consumer hands. This has investors and analysts alike feeling skittish, especially with the previously mentioned “Trade-In” program rumor bouncing around from Apple.

To date, Samsung has seen a cut of 6% from it’s market price; a drastic decrease from where it stood before. In the meantime, those in the know are waiting with abated breath to hear from Samsung as to how many have been sold commercially, and how they plan to counteract any top-tier competitors. In the meantime, it looks like the market will continue to remain cautious.

VIA: SlashGear