The folks from Consumer Reports have just crowned a new king in the smartphone world. The impressive new Samsung GALAXY S 4, which has only been available about a month, has already knocked down the previous top pick. The LG Optimus G has held the position for quite some time due to the specs, features, and price all bundled into one, but Samsung changed it all.

After running all their tests and deciding what the best price/performance and more offered, they’ve come back with the GALAXY S 4 getting their top pick. This is a pretty big validation for Samsung, although we had a feeling it was coming. With nearly 10 million devices shipped already, and analysts suggesting over 100 million GS 4 sales, this is just one of many awards it will win.

Taking the LG Optimus G’s spot wasn’t the new G Pro (see our review) or the HTC One (see our review) and instead it was Samsung’s latest and greatest. We have a feeling the upcoming Optimus G2 that’s leaked a few times might have something to say about this though. So we’ll have to wait and see once that gets announced.


The GALAXY S 4 winning the top pick just makes sense. Yes it might be made out of plastic but until you get one in your hand you can’t really knock it. Add in a quad-core and in some places 8-core processor and that 5-inch 1080p HD display this thing is impressive. It’s also worth mentioning the GS 4 comes with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean, and isn’t behind on updates already like the Optimus G.

For those curious the GS 4 took the top spot with the Optimus G coming in second. Those are then followed by the HTC One, Galaxy S III, and the iPhone 5 in fifth place. More details can be found from the source link below for those interested.

SOURCE: Consumer Reports