With the GALAXY S 4 release sitting rather close, the official firmware leaks seem to have begun. The first of these leaks includes the firmware for the GT-I9500. This particular leak is for version I9500ZCUAMDG and it includes the firmware along with the kernel and necessary Odin files. Basically, everything you would need.

These files are coming by way of AdamLange (posted on the xda developers forums) and this thread amounts to what is the beginning of a stock ROM archive thread for the GALAXY S 4. This first ROM, aside from being for version I9500ZCUAMDG, is from China. The build date is noted as being April 24, 2013 and it is indeed for Android 4.2.2.

As to who may find these useful, those who like to play around and install various third party ROMs. Simply put, these official ROMs will allow you to quickly and easily get your phone back to a stock out-of-the-box experience. Needless to say, while we aren’t sure how many will benefit from the Chinese region firmware, we do suggest you download the necessary files (once the correct files for your region are posted) before you get into trouble.

You know, in an effort to help make that recovery time just a little bit quicker. Otherwise, we have been seeing plenty of GALAXY S 4 release details for the US market. US Cellular will have the handset available for purchase on April 26, Verizon Wireless has pre-orders available as of today and T-Mobile has pushed their online availability up to April 29. In the meantime, those curious about the GALAXY S 4 and torn between that and the HTC One may benefit from our recent comparison post.

[via xda developers]