Despite news of an unexpected delay coming from T-Mobile, it appears as if US Cellular will have the GALAXY S 4 shipping later this week. The carrier has announced that the GALAXY S 4 would be available for online purchase beginning on April 26. Perhaps key though, pre-orders will also begin shipping that same day.

Aside from online availability, US Cellular has said the GALAXY S 4 would be available in retail stores beginning on April 30. Those who pre-ordered can also expect the S View Flip Cover, which was being offered as part of the pre-sale process. It looks like the S View Flip Cover offer is only available for those who pre-order the handset, so if you had been on the fence about a purchase, now seems like a good time to move forward.

US Cellular has the 16GB GALAXY S 4 and that will be available in both the White Frost and Black Mist models. Otherwise, while the US Cellular 4G LTE network is not quite as large as some of the other carriers, it is important to note that it currently covers 61 percent of their user base. Looking forward, US Cellular plans to have that upped to 87 percent by end of year 2013.

For those keeping track, the T-Mobile GALAXY S 4 availability was pushed to April 29. Verizon on the other hand will have the GALAXY S 4 available for pre-order beginning tomorrow, April 25. The Verizon pricing (at least after the mail-in rebate) will be the same as US Cellular, sitting at $199.99 on a two-year agreement. T-Mobile with their UNcarrier approach will have the handset available with a $149.99 downpayment and an additional 24 payments of $20.

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