Owners of Samsung‘s nominal flagship itching to get a taste of some KitKat sweetness might want to dive into this one, at least if they can stomach it. A test firmware bearing Android 4.4.2 for the Galaxy S 4 has just been leaked out and is now going around the Internet for brave users to try out.

It was reported last December that Android 4.4 will be descending upon the Galaxy S 4 as well as the Galaxy Note 3 by January. The month has come and gone and only the Galaxy Note 3 ever received that promised update, at least in Europe. While other smartphones from other manufacturers have been enjoying Android KitKat already, Samsung’s own flagship seems to have been pushed into the background. At least until now.

This firmware build I9505XXUFNAD is meant for the Open Europe version of the Galaxy S 4, the one with the model number GT-I9505. Aside from bringing Android 4.4 and all that it entails, like wireless printing, new emojis, and more, users will, of course, also find other Samsung touches. Most noticeable will be the monochrome status bar icons that have become indicative of Android 4.4. A new camera shortcut on the lockscreen is now available for faster access. There is also talk of improved benchmark scores but, given it’s Samsung and benchmarks, we will be taking that with a truck load of salt. Samsung’s own keyboard implementation has also been improved for easier use in landscape mode.

Of course, this is just a test version of the firmware and things are likely to still change, if not break. Only those willing to go through the process of flashing their phones should even consider going this route. The usual precautions and disclaimers apply.

VIA: SamMobile