When you first look at the Samsung Galaxy R you would probably think it was the Galaxy S II just by looking at it, but then once you look a little closer you’d notice a few very small changes. This is the Samsung Galaxy R and it’s basically a Galaxy S 1.5 or even a 1.9 because it is as close to the SGSII as you can get, without actually being it.

While we are still waiting for the SGSII here in the U.S. other countries are already enjoying it and are about to get the next best thing, its little brother. We are getting left behind in terms of Samsung phones. Recent reports suggest carriers aren’t interested but I know all my friends and I are, so get with it T-Mobile and Verizon.

Back to the Galaxy R this phone is very similar to its bigger brother with a few minor changes that should lower the cost. It features a 4.2″ SLCD display (.1″ smaller than the SGSII) a 1 Ghz dual-core Tegra 2 CPU (big brother has a 1.2 Ghz Samsung Exynos) and the camera around back was lowered from an 8MP camera to a 5 MP 720p shooter. So basically the Galaxy R is still comparable if not better than almost all the other options available.

Samsung neatly shaved a few small areas off to get a better price point, while staying extremely competitive. Pricing and official release date have yet to be announced but it should be released around the end of July, early August. It will be interesting to see where it is priced compared to the Galaxy S II and other similar offerings like the Sensation 4G. We should be hearing more if it does launch in July so keep yours eyes on Android Community.

[via Cnet]


  1. I actually like the back of this more than the galaxy s 2. But that’s about it. I’m still waiting fir my AT&T attain!!!

  2. its funny how they say that the 1 ghz cpu is slower than the 1.2 ghz as if you would even notice, or even use that much processing with the apps we have on these smartphones. only multimedia would use so much raw processing games,hd video & such. but the GPU takes the load off, we can all see from specs that the GPU scores are higher on the tegra 2 *youtube galaxy r preview & they pit it against the galaxy s2 & it losses, even with its 1.2 ghz cpu* the reason that i say this is because its a false idea that the higher the cpu speed the faster or more processing a cpu can do. if we’ve learned anything from the snapdragon in the HTC H2 it was that an 800 mhz cpu can beat a 1 ghz cpu in every category & cpu benchmark there was, no one could believe that the 800 mhz processor was beating all the other 1 ghz processors & all while saving battery & less heat. so when you see the tegra out scoring an overclocked galaxy 2 cranked up all the way to 1.5 ghz & still lose in all graphics benchmarks to a 1 ghz dual core. then all the exynos being the top processor is all paper talk. it was disappointing to see this in youtube vid’s. my most disappointing benchmarks was the droid x2 vs, galaxy s2…the droid x2 with 512mb ram,android 2.2,a qHD screen which needs 35% more pixels to process, think gaming & vids, & most importantly 1 ghz cpu speed. against the galaxy s2 with 1 gb ram,android 2.3,a low 800×450 wvga screen than processes 35% less than the qHD screen & of course the 1.2 ghz cpu! with all the low specs the droid x2 has…it lost 🙁 …but still it only lost by 400 points & only in the CPU benchmarks, but it did beat the galaxy s2 in graphics by up to 300 points depending on the benchmark (which it still won all GPU bencmarks) so with the low specs & slow processor & higher screen with slower cpu, which in turns leads to much much! longer battery life. you have to think is the galaxy R really second to the S2? & if so why? because it doesnt have an amoled plus screen? a huge screen with oversized icons & menus & keypads that take up more than half the screen estate? if you look harder i see a phone with better build quality, better looking battery cover (actual metal on a galaxy phone,finally) im not into whats cool, yes i am…but not if there is something better out there. i wont follow the lead, ill lead myself & see for myself. its actually funny to see a droid x2 beating a 1.5 ghz *overclocked* galaxy s2. i wanted this phone but i have much to think about now..now that nvdia updated the drivers & like on the PC nvidia GPU’s there driver updates come with an extra 8 frams per sec extra. i almost fell for even the msm8x66! i took that evo 3D back like it was a flipphone! anyway see what happened when they actually competed a tegra 2 with the same specs as the galaxy s2 *exynos*? the tegra 2 version won & by a couple of hundred points more in the quadrant test! & like isaid before it was with a 1 ghz chipset, it also beat it in antutu & if overclocked to 1.2 ghz like the new SOC’s it even gets the same floating point scores.


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