We’ve seen some creative unboxings in our day, and this one is no exception. Team Evolve has created a LEGO stop-motion clip showing the unboxing of a Samsung Galaxy Note. Titled, “A Note To Remember“, a tiny LEGO man aims to show how great a large screen can be.

It really looks professional, and if you didn’t know better it wouldn’t be hard to mistake it for an official video! Though a Galaxy Note won’t double as a flatpanel for us like in this clip, we’ll just have to settle for its 5.3″ Super AMOLED display. It is no doubt the most unique device Samsung has released, and has really taken off to be one of this year’s most hyped up devices.

It has been confirmed that Samsung’s Super Bowl ad will feature the Note, so they are banking on this being the ‘Next Big Thing’ in the US. That is, until the Galaxy S III is announced. So what will you all do? Are you anxiously awaiting the Note, or are you planning on waiting it out until a possible Galaxy S III?

[via YouTube]