The next upgrade of the fingerprint sensor is probably one that will not have an obvious sensor, but with the large screen models of smartphones we have now, something that can scan your fingerprint from under the screen. Samsung has been playing around with an in-screen fingerprint scanner, but is reportedly nixing it for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8 because of display issues.

According to an industry insider who posted this image (see below) on his Weibo account, Samsung’s in-screen fingerprint scanner causes a display imbalance where the scan area has a noticeably brighter area than the rest of the screen. This is apparently the reason why Samsung is not using this technology for the upcoming Galaxy Note 8.

This in-screen fingerprint scanner is also reportedly being tested by Apple for the next iPhone, and Samsung is going to be late to the party if somehow Apple finds a way for this technology to work on the upcoming release. Pundits say the technology more realistically a feature for phones next year, probably in time for the Galaxy S9.

That said, Samsung would not want to risk the Note 8 not being a perfect specimen this time around, with the fallout from the Note 7 still barely clearing up. So no in-screen fingerprint scanning for now, but expect a great phablet from Samsung when September arrives.



    • Rushing out half-baked garbage would imply they’re releasing an under-glass fingerprint scanner that either doesn’t work 100% or distorts the screen… this article is about how NEITHER of those things is happening. Good job reading.

      • I Rush to conclusions all the time. About 99% i’m correct. Here is one of my Quotes from 2 years ago

        ” Swinesung will rush out the Note 7 with half baked software and not surprised to see there stupid garbage phones explode”

        Surprise surprise… I was correct. So i say again. The NOTE 8 will be garbage and another flop : )

      • Just because you wrote something in quotes doesn’t mean you said such a thing in 2015 when everyone was operating under the assumption that Samsung would be releasing the Note 6 next instead of making all of their flagship phones have the same number.

      • I’m always 100% when i make predictions about SWINESUNG. They are and always be the corrupt asian company. Who steals, and lacks innovation and has blind loyal sheeps who don’t know any better. Swinesung is trash.


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