We’ve got more leaked information about the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7. A certain SM-N935F was sighted on Geekbench a few days ago which we believe is the next Note phablet The number is close to the SM-N9305F spotted last month on an official website. It could be another variant and we won’t be surprised because Samsung is known for testing and making different models before official launch.

A Galaxy Note 7 prototype was spotted with Android 7.0 Nougat which is expected because Google already announced the new version last week. What’s more interesting is today’s discovery: a Galaxy Note 7 running Android 6.1. So apart from Android 7.0, shall we expect Android 6.1? Of course. Google isn’t letting Android 6.0 to be left out and besides, we’re sure that not all Marshmallow-ed phones are eligible to take a bite off the Nougat.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Note 7 was running Exynos 8893 but with only 4GB RAM when we’re expecting there will be 6GB RAM. The N935F was tested twice which yielded different results: 2,161 on singe-core/8,280 on multi-core and 2,300 on single-core/8,110 on multi-core.

These are just tests on prototype. Expect numbers to change once the final Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is out. Samsung appears to be busy testing out different variants and prototypes of the new Note so let’s wait and see.