More leaks will be revealed as we draw closer to the 2nd of August. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has been the subject of the whole Android community because it’s from one of the top brands that usually start a revolution in the industry. For this year, Samsung is skipping a number from Note 5 to Note 7. This is also the first time that there won’t be a flat Note–or so we think.

After the leaked charger, USB-C cable, MobileFun phone cases, variants on FCC, and the iris scanner, here’s another one: the Note 7 prototype. This is the first time we’re seeing one because the previous images are only renders or just the panels–no complete form yet until this week.

What’s interesting here is that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 prototype now has a flat screen. Just when we’ve accepted the possibility of a non-flat and curved screen Note 7, here’s an image that somehow is good news for those who still want a flat version of the phablet.

This particular leak confuses us. It could be a real prototype from Samsung but it’s just that–a prototype. Samsung could have ditched this as an earlier design and whoever released the photo just wants to be talked about. It may not be the final design but only one of the earlier prototypes.

So what will the Note 7’s screen really be? There are only two options now: flat or curved. Let’s wait and see until the Unpacked event takes place a couple of weeks from now. For all we know, Samsung is just teasing the world. What do you think?