As with tradition, Samsung has also released new accessories for the newly announced Galaxy Note 7. We’ve mentioned and featured a few already as the phablet’s super friends including the S-Pen and the improved Gear VR. We know that more accessories will be available in the market soon from Samsung and finally, the company has officially listed all of them.

These accessories are especially designed for the Galaxy Note 7. The phone cases provide protection while others allow more productivity. Here’s a rundown of the items ready for the Note 7:

S View Standing Cover. This special cover protects the phone just like any case. This one though also converts into a stand so you can watch videos comfortably. It’s one versatile accessory that provides style and comfort at the same time.

LED View Cover. The LED icons can be customized for different notifications so you can easily recognize what kind of alert has come in. A simple swipe of the cover will reject an incoming call or manage the alarm/timer.

Clear View Cover. Incoming calls can be managed even with the cover closed. This one features a semi-transparent design so you can still see the main screen.

Leather Cover. The beautiful leather cover looks and feels luxurious in your hand. It protects the Galaxy Note and offers a more comfortable grip.

Clear Cover. This transparent case covers the phone without adding any bulk. It’s sleek and slim so you won’t feel that your phone has a cover.

Keyboard Cover. This special cover brings you back the old school QWERTY keyboard goodness. For those who still can’t move on from the physical keyboard, this one allows comfort, protection, and even accuracy. This one doesn’t need any power or connection to work. Just snap it on and type away.

Lens Cover. This cover turns your phone camera into a high-quality gear for more professional results. The Note 7’s imaging system is already impressive as shown off in a sample gallery but the interchangeable lenses will allow you to capture more stunning photos–like a pro!

Backpack. This special cover protects the phone. It’s water-resistant and also gives extra juice to the phone with the 3100mAh battery.

Battery Pack. This one is powerful with the 10200mAh juice. It works like a powerbank and a Fast Charger so your device will have power when you’re running out of battery.

Screen Protector. The Note 7 screen won’t easily scratch but it’s best if the display is protected from extreme temperatures and color degradation.

S Pen. The Galaxy Note 7 won’t be a Note without the S-Pen. The stylus has been enhanced so it can still work even when wet. It’s more accurate, more precise, and more responsive now.

USB Type-C Connector. This item boasts of compatibility with USB Type-C so you can exchange data faster and with more efficiency. This one also allows charging so you can easily connect the phone to any device with USB port.

SOURCE: Samsung Mobile Press