As D-day fast approaches, Samsung fans are waiting with bated breath on what the long-teased about Galaxy Note 4 will bring. On September 3, all will be revealed, but until then, we have to deal with all the leaks, speculations and teasers that are coming our way. One of the latest official teasers is a short video, part of their Ready To Note campaign, that crafting is a cognitive ability and how the S-Pen can bring it to digital life.

The video called “Ready to Note? Your Note for Crafting” opens with real-life “old school” ways of crafting and designing that we’ve developed over the years, from school room art projects to cartography to architecture design to playing classic video games. There’s even footage of the unpeeling of an apple, maybe a “shout out” to its closest competitor. Then it shifts to showing how the S Pen, introduced through the Galaxy Note series, has changed how we marry using the digital life of our smartphones with our artistic and creative impulses. It shows how we create artwork/caricatures, play games and even just use the S Pen for normal smartphone use.

While it is a good reminder for some of us to actually use the S Pen, it also doesn’t show anything yet of how the Galaxy Note 4 will maximize the use of this feature of the smartphone/phablet. But it’s quite obvious that they will be harping on the S Pen as a key differentiator for the newest member of the Galaxy family. They also released another teaser in the Ready to Note series entitled Your Note for Handwriting, which focuses on the S Pen’s handwriting features, which were fully realised when the Galaxy Note 3 was released last year.

The official announcement of the Galaxy Note 4 is slated for September 3 during Samsung’s event in Berlin, which happens a few days before IFA 2014 kicks off in the German capital. The leaked specs has fuelled the hype over the device, with the reported 2560×1440 QHD resolution of the 5.7-inch smartphone. The reported 4GB RAM has caused some Android users to salivate. And we’re also now very familiar with how they’re pushing the Ultra Power Saving Mode, which was first introduced with the Galaxy S5. We have just 9 days more to find out whether all this is too good to be true.