Almost a month ago, we reported about the leak that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be sporting a kick-ass 2560×1440 pixel display on a 5.7-inch QHD screen. If news of a recent testing unit sent to India is to believed, then it confirms the initial leak, even as the official launch is still a few months away.

A Samsung SM-N910A is believed to be the model number for the Galaxy Note 4, based on the Galaxy Note 3’s SM-N900 number previously. Several reports said that the SM-N910A was shipped to India for product testing and evaluation. The A supposedly means that the particular phones are for service provider AT&T. The entry in the product manifest also indicates that it has a 5.7 inch touchscreen therefore confirming the leaks last month regarding the resolution and size of Samsung’s newest phablet.


But more than that, on Samsung’s own website, there is already a user agent profile for the SM-N910A, although it doesn’t state yet that it is actually the Galaxy Note 4. The profile states it has the same 5.7 inch touchscreen as the Galaxy Note 3, but at a crazy high QHD display.

Aside from the size and resolution of the screen, not much has been confirmed about the new S-pen phablet. But leaks have said it may possibly have two versions: one will have a curved OLED screen, while the other will have the standard flat screen display. The Galaxy Note 4 is set to be launched by September of this year.



      • The leaks usually get downgraded by the time the device is released so it’ll probably end up being back to 1080p, with the QHD version becoming the Note 4 ‘prime’

  1. Who cares, it’ll be Knox’d down so you wont be able to:
    unlock bootloader
    run custom roms
    Use the damn thing as you want

    You will be able to:
    Go back to Apple products
    Go grab the LG G3 that’s far better anyways (because it doesn’t have TouchJiz)

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      • Root is capable, yes, but correct me if I’m wrong and it flags knox for a faulted warranty. Can’t return that to stock etc 🙁

        Secondly, you cannot flash a new kernel so you’re stuck with Touchjiz junk. I’m on the Note 2 with EMJ9 (Verizon) and I can’t do crap with it anymore. Root is all it is capable of. This is very dissapointing because the GPS doesn’t work any longer with the screen ON (It’s very strange, but happens to my buddy’s phone too). I can’t fix this, though, through tinkering because they locked the entire thing down. Now if Samsung would fix things in a timely manner (LOL) I wouldn’t have to worry…but alas they don’t. Then they somehow legally tell me I can’t root/unlock/flash rom’s on my phone that I paid money for and own….

        TL:DR – Root is good, but it doesn’t get rid of the main bloat (touchwiz) slowing my phone down, or breaking the GPS.

      • You could root without tripping Knox on android 4.3, but the 4.4 update flashed a new boot loader that stopped the hack.

        You are supposed to be able to keep root if you update using mobile odin, but I did it wrong so I don’t know.

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