It looks like another Galaxy Note III report has surfaced. This latest is coming by way of a Korean newspaper and deals with the amount of RAM the handset will have. Simply put, the Korean language hankyung is reporting the Galaxy Note III will be launching with 3GB of RAM. We should mention this is a rumor we have seen before though.

In fact, we have also seen earlier rumors dealing with the processor, display size and camera as well as a bit about what material will be used for the Galaxy Note III. Touching on that last bit, back in May we saw reports the handset would drop with the familiar plastic design.

Otherwise, the display is expected to be 5.99-inches and Full HD with an octa-core or Snapdragon 800 processor. The camera is looking like it will be 13 megapixel, however there is more to that story than just megapixels. An earlier report has it looking like the Note III will arrive with optical image stabilization.

And of course, it seems to reason the Note III will launch with the latest versions of Android and TouchWiz. An earlier report claimed to show benchmarks for the Note III running Android 4.3. Bottom line here, this latest report coming out of Korea is just that, the latest report dealing with the Galaxy Note III.

So far we have yet to see official details coming from Samsung. What we do know is that the Note III should be arriving with a larger display and support for the S Pen — just like the original Note and Note II. At this time we are also expecting the official word from Samsung during IFA 2013 which will take place in Berlin later in the year and in the meantime it seems safe to say the rumors will continue.

VIA: SamMobile

SOURCE: hankyung


  1. 3GB Ram seems a bit excessive right now. I use the crap out of my Note2 and have never even got past using 1.5GB of RAM. I don’t know if there is a need for 3 just yet.

    • You have the option to cling to the 2GB RAM Note II. Those of us who want something better will go for the 3GB RAM device.

      Really sick and tired of people who wine about advances in technology. You’d think everyone will be happy with technological advances.

      I suppose you also will prefer a 500mAh battery because your current battery lasts too long…

      • Actually I am merely questioning why they would spend the development time and add the extra cost for something that is not needed. Advancement just for the sake of advancement is stupid.

      • By your logic, there is absolutely no need to make anything better. Let’s just stick with the very first Android phone.


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