Adding a bit of credence to its existence, photos of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Neo, or Lite, have leaked out. And sitting beside the Galaxy Note 3 shows just how much it is the same as Samsung‘s current S Pen flagship and yet resembles its predecessors as well.

This phablet may be smaller than its namesake, but it still does a bit of justice to the Galaxy Note 3 name. Here you’ll find the faux leather back cover that debuted late last year, as well as the newly designed S Pen. You’ll also find some of the new S Pen features that may have impressed you in the latest iteration of Samsung’s custom software.

That said, this Neo, or Lite, if you prefer, is definitely not the Galaxy Note 3. In size and display it is more like the older brother, the Galaxy Note 2, making it feel like simply a hybrid of the two. But those who would pan this device simply as yet another one of Samsung’s fillers might do well to note something peculiar about the smartphone’s beating heart.


The Galaxy Note 3 Neo was recently leaked out to have a strange hexa-core processor. That’s six cores, instead of the usual two, four, or eight core combinations. Now word is going around that names this CPU as the Samsung Exynos 5260. More than the odd configuration, this system-on-chip is said to be one of the first to showcase the much coveted Heterogeneous Multi-Processing (HMP) that will allow the system to utilize all or any of the six cores in any combination it needs. Though it’s not going to blow out the Galaxy Note 3 out of the water, if this AnTuTu graph is to believed, it at least surpasses the Galaxy S 4.


The Galaxy Note 3 Neo was a no show at CES 2014, but, as rumors go, it is said to make its presence felt at the next major tech even, which will be the Mobile World Congress next month.

VIA: SlashGear, SamMobile