We knew it was too good to be true! Last December, rumors were floating around that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will receive a surprising Android 5.0 Lollipop update, despite the fact that it is almost 3 years old. However, months later, there is still no solid, technical evidence that there will ever be an update to the phablet that probably started it all. And if a Facebook post from Samsung Gulf is to be believed, it is actually never going to happen.

A few months ago, the Finnish language section of the Samsung website listed the Galaxy Note 2 as one of the models that will be receiving the Lollipop update. It was quite unexpected because in the life span of a Samsung gadget, they usually only get 2 major updates. The phablet had already received ICS and KitKat, so it was a surprise to see it on the list, together with the Galaxy S4. But since it was on an official Samsung website, Note 2 owners had their hopes up.

But the news since then isn’t so good. Samsung Gulf, the branch of the OEM that takes care of business in the Persian Gulf, said in response to an inquiry on their Facebook page, that “the Lollipop update won’t be released on Note 2”. However, it is not clear if it means in their region only, or the Note 2 in general. No Lollipop builds for the Note 2 have been seen on Samsung’s servers, so we’re guessing it might be the latter.


But until we receive an official word from Samsung that there will definitely be no Lollipop for the S-Pen phablet pioneer, we’ll take that Facebook answer with a grain of salt. So all is not lost, Galaxy Note 2 owners!

VIA: SAM Mobile



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