While we can’t be certain that the Korean company is building a 12.2-inch tablet, leaked images earlier this month seem to suggest they’re doing exactly that. Fast forward to today and we’re seeing a similar device pass Bluetooth certification, which means we could be learning more about Samsung’s tablet or Note aspirations sooner than we thought.

According to SamMobile an upcoming device listed as the SM-P901 is the rumored Galaxy Note 12.2, only this is the WiFi variant, which will be available for those who aren’t interested in the 4G LTE flavor. That is, if the entire 12.2-inch device is real to begin with.

Another possible speculation is this is the next generation Samsung-made Google Nexus 10, and trying to be hidden a bit with confusing details and a leaked 12.2-inch device. We’re not sure at the moment, but likely a new 10-inch slate from Google’s Nexus program will accompany the often-leaked Nexus 5.


Today’s Bluetooth filing doesn’t reveal any additional details aside from the fact it will support Bluetooth 4.0, and if previous discussions are accurate this will sport at least a 2560×1600 WQXGA display. Personally 12.2-inches is getting too big for something to carry daily, without offering a keyboard and notebook-like experience, but at least this isn’t as big as Toshiba’s 13.3-inch slate.

If the new Nexus 10 or Note 12.2 follows previous devices, we’re expecting to see a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core with 3GB of RAM, or possibly Samsung’s Exynos 5 Octa 8-core chip instead. Stay tuned.