Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime 2

Ah, selfie. The word, which made its way into the Oxford and Merriam-Webster dictionaries, is surprisingly the favorite of many young smartphone owners. This kind of photography has been taken into extreme levels that some people would do anything just to take a cool selfie of themselves even if dangerous. Phone makers know how taking a nice selfie is important that is why they are taking advantage of the genre while it’s still hot.

Samsung is no stranger to the selfie generation that it recently introduced a new Galaxy phone: the Galaxy Grand Prime. It’s not yet official but information leaked that that handset will come with a 5 megapixel front-facing camera. Smartphones usually have 2MP cameras only but Samsung is taking selfies to a whole new level with a better camera.

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is also rumored to have an 8MP camera with 1080p video capability, 1GB RAM, Snapdragon 400, and a 5-inch qHD screen. The Prime’s screen and resolution (5-inch and 960×540 qHD) may be smaller than the Galaxy Grand 2’s 5.25-inch and 720p screen but it’s better than the first Grand’s 5-inch WVGA screen.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

The soon-to-be-revealed Galaxy Grand Prime will boast of dual-SIM slots, 3G connectivity, HSPA, WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0, 8GB built-in storage, and microSD card slots. Samsung has yet to make an official announcement but information came from Vietnam.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime is expected to arrive next month complete with a high-resolution front-facing camera. Looking at the specs, this new Galaxy smartphone could rival the Nokia Lumia 730 Dual SIM and the Sony Xperia C3 Dual selfie phones.

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