Recent reports popped up suggesting Samsung has only been able to sell roughly 50,000 of the Galaxy Gear smartwatch in the two months of availability. That report came out of Business Korea and also touched on how that meant daily sales numbers of less than a 1,000 units. Well, it looks like Samsung has responded to these reports with some numbers of their own. According to Samsung, they have sold about 800,000.

The details are coming by way of Reuters who seem to be using the terms “sales” and “sold.” Knowing there is often a difference between sales and shipped, we look towards a comment from Samsung. The Galaxy Gear is being called the “most sold wearable watch available in the market place.”

Also mentioned in that same statement from Samsung was a bit about device support. We have seen Samsung already adding more devices to the list with the Android 4.3 rollouts that have been going out, but for now they made it clear they “plan to expand its availability by expanding mobile devices that work with the Gear.”

The Galaxy Gear didn’t receive the warmest welcome in terms of reviews. Part of the initial complaints circled around the pricing, the lack of available apps and the limited and not always informative notifications. Samsung has yet to change the price, the Galaxy Gear remains at $299, however a recent Gear Manager app update did address and take care of the notification issue.

While Samsung opened the door for smartwatch comparisons, we are also going to be looking towards Qualcomm. They recently offered some pricing and release details for the Toq smartwatch and while this model has yet to come available for the public, or find its way into the hands of many reviewers, it will mean the Galaxy Gear will no longer be on top in terms of price. The Qualcomm Toq will be available on December 2nd and for $349.