Samsung has dropped their latest Galaxy Gear promo video and while they do show the watch itself, this one seems more focused on the earlier use of smartwatches. Or maybe more accurately, the earlier promise of smartwatches as we have seen through television and movies over the years.

This video arrives titled as “A Long Time Coming” and aside from the obvious Dick Tracy sighting, perhaps the long time coming portion comes from the Flintstones. Yes, Samsung has seemingly gathered all the highlights and they include everything from Knight Rider to Agent 86 to Star Trek. Not to mention, many others.

The interesting part here, while the Galaxy Gear hasn’t received the warmest of welcomes, it looks like Samsung is trying to remind the public how much they have always wanted to be able to accept a phone call from their wrist. This is the one feature of the Galaxy Gear that makes an appearance in this video. Though, there is a brief look at the watch which takes you through the various screens of the watch.

The video (seen above) offers a look at how you can swipe from screen to screen and therefor shows features such as S Voice, Contacts and Camera as well as Today’s Schedule. From here you see the Music and Apps screen and the video wraps up with the incoming call screen, which looks rather similar to what users would expect to see on their Android handset.

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