The Samsung Galaxy Fold is officially out. The South Korean tech giant has unfolded the foldable smartphone last week ahead of the Mobile World Congress. Samsung has other devices to show off in Barcelona but the Galaxy S10 phones and the Galaxy Fold are always on the spotlight. We didn’t say much about the Samsung Galaxy Fold but the foldable phone is almost ready. It will be released in the market on April 26 in either LTE or 5G version with a $1,980 price tag. It’s not really the catch, it’s the reality for premium phones of this nature. The Samsung Galaxy Fold uses a new technology so the high price is normal.

Samsung’s Galaxy Fold is more like an upgraded phablet. It’s a phone and tablet in one. It’s a smartphone when folded and transforms into a square-ish tablet when opened.

This one is being rivaled by Huawei Mate X 5G foldable phone. We have yet to review that one but for now, we’ll focus our attention on the Samsung foldable phone.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold boasts two displays. The external display is a 4.6-inch HD+ AMOLED screen while the internal display measures 7.3-inches in its QXGA+ AMOLED glory. The fingerprint sensor and power button are found on one side. The 4300mAh battery is enough to give it a longer battery life.

The internal cameras are 8MP RGB depth and a 10MP f/2.2 selfie shooter. The external cameras are part of a triple rear camera setup, complete with a 16MP Ultra-Wide, 12MP Wide Dual Pixel, and 12MP 2x Telephoto.

The Wireless Power Share is convenient for those who have other devices. The video below shows the smartphone can charge a smartwatch wirelessly.

The large display takes advantage of App Continuity. It links app experience across the displays. The phone features a hinge that makes the smartphone appear like a book. Body and hinge colors are ready in multiple colors.


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