Rumors of Samsung finally adopting something other than plastic just don’t seem to stop. Although it is largely believed that the upcoming Galaxy S5 won’t be making the cut, there now appears to be a better suited candidate by the name of Galaxy F.

The name alone might be perplexing, as it deviates from Samsung usual naming conventions. However, the Korean manufacturer did release a one-letter Galaxy device called the Galaxy J, initially intended for the Japanese market and later launched in Taiwan as well. It remains to be seen if the “F” this time also stands for something, or if its merely a codename that will be scrapped later on.

Nothing else is known about this mysterious device, but the materials is is rumored to be made of is enough to catch people’s attention. A smartphone with a metal frame will be such a deviation from Samsung’s notorious embrace of all things plastic that it will warrant a closer look when the time comes for it to be revealed.

That time, however, might still be a few months away. The Galaxy F is said to launch at the same time as the Galaxy S5, or at least around the first half of 2014. If true, then we might get a whiff of this Bigfoot of Samsung smartphones at CES 2014 next week.




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