It’s going to be a tough fight between Samsung and Huawei. The South Korean tech giant has been planning for the Galaxy foldable phone only to be overshadowed by the Huawei foldable phone. Well, nothing is final and official yet but the top Chinese OEM has been teasing the public with a foldable device with 5G support. We’ve seen the MWC 2019 launch poster containing the actual device. It’s only the hinge but at least we have an idea of how it will look.

As for Samsung, we’re curious as to how the South Korean tech giant will make the concept a reality. We’ve learned about the foldable phone plan since 2016. There have been different information, rumors, and speculations. We remember calling it the Galaxy X, Galaxy Fold, Galaxy Folder, and now Galaxy F.

LetsGoDigital has a new set of renders of the upcoming Samsung foldable phone. The Galaxy F aka Galaxy Fold is expected to be shown off at the Mobile World Congress. The only information we have from the company was that Samsung foldable teaser video courtesy of Samsung Vietnam.

The renders below are based on the video. They’re not final and official—just re-imagined illustrations by 3D specialists.

The Samsung Galaxy F foldable smartphone shows a thinner dimension since a Samsung executive said it will be thinner by 45%. When folded, the Samsung phone shows a normal-looking home screen with four icons per row. When unfolded, the bigger display shows a tablet-layout with eight icons in one row. We’re looking at a 4.58-inch front screen with 840 × 1960 pixel resolution and a 7.3-inch screen with 1536 × 2152 QXGA+ resolution.

VIA: LetsGoDigital