The next couple of months will be more interesting as Samsung and Huawei go head to head once again. Huawei is determined to beat Samsung in the mobile industry. The South Korean tech giant needs to worry a bit because its numbers are still the same while Huawei’s figures are going up. That’s even without the US market. The foldable phone era is slowly unfolding and we feel 2019 will be exciting especially since 5G connectivity is about to roll out.

Earlier this week, Huawei made it known their foldable phone will already have 5G. That’s advanced because while most OEMs are only thinking of how to make the foldable screen and 5G work on separate devices, here is Huawei teasing the public of a foldable 5G phone.

It’s Samsung’s turn to tease us with this video:

Samsung says “Do What You Can’t”. There are many things we can’t do but we’re assuming a Samsung phone can help us do them in the future.

The video gives us a glimpse of a foldable phone but it’s not exactly what we have in mind.

There’s an obvious hinge in the middle of a book-style smartphone. The home screen is in front while a bigger display is inside.

Samsung Vietnam posted this video but has since been pulled out. It’s a video teaser for the Unpacked event so we’re assuming Samsung will show the foldable phone more on February 20.

The display specs we know so far, although still unconfirmed, are as follows:

Cover Display: 840 × 1960 resolution, 420dpi screen density, 320dp (smallest screen width), normal screen size
Main Display: 1536 × 2152 resolution, 420dpi screen density, 585dp (smallest screen width), large screen size

Could this be the Samsung foldable phone we’ve been waiting for? Let’s wait and see later this month.