Samsung has innumerable Android devices in all price ranges that it is almost impossible to distinguish one from the other by name or even by appearance. To add even more to that confusion, the manufacturer seems to be hell bent on releasing the next generation of its Galaxy Core and Galaxy Pocket devices, sporting dual SIM capabilities quite popular in certain markets.

The Galaxy Core line already has had many incarnations itself: advanced, duos, plus, lte, and any other naming convention that Samsung can come up with. Naturally, the next in line would be the Galaxy Core 2. This device was actually already leaked last April, but now it shows up in the online catalog of a Vietnamese retailer as the Galaxy Core 2 Duos. Most of the specs match up, like the 4.5-inch 800×480 screen, the 1.2 GHz quad-core CPU, the 4 GB internal storage, and the 5 megapixel rear camera. One discrepancy, however, is that the RAM in the previous leak sported the usual 512 MB size, while this product listing shows a rather odd 768 MB.

The Galaxy Pocket has similarly undergone many manifestations, including a Neo variant last year. As it name suggests, compared to the Galaxy Core 2, this smartphone sports a smaller and more pocket friendly size. Of course, something has to give and here you will see specs that are even lower than that of the Moto E. You have a 1.0 GHz single-core processor, for one, in an age of at least dual-core CPUs. RAM is at a low 512 MB, though storage remains the same at 4 GB. At 3.2 inches, it is no surprise that the screen can only support a resolution of 320×240. Surprisingly, it will be running Android 4.4, which is sure to give the OS a good test.

Both devices are noted to have dual SIM capabilities. Both are also still marked as coming soon, and there is yet no confirmation as to the actual existence of these two, especially in the case of the Galaxy Pocket 2.

SOURCE: MaiNguyen (1), (2)