We’ve been talking about Samsung and cameras a lot lately. Between the newly announced Galaxy S 4 Zoom smartphone/camera hybrid, and now this new camera leaked today. Last week we mentioned this device would likely replace the original, and be called the Galaxy Camera 2, but today we’ve learned it will be a completely new and higher end product. Check it out below.

The device in question and being seen for the first time you see below will apparently not be the Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, which we still expect to be coming soon. Instead this will be a completely different high end camera to follow along Samsung’s popular (non Android) NX line with an interchangeable lens. And of course it should be running Android, although that isn’t 100% confirmed at the moment.

The device shown below has leaked revealing to have at least a 20.9 megapixels on board, and the model number is being reported as EK-GN120, which lines up with the previous Galaxy Cameras codename of EK-GC100. However, you’ll notice the GC (Galaxy Camera) in the codename has been replaced with GN, signifying this will be a part of their NX line. More specifically their Galaxy NX line, which will be an entirely new and impressive product. Galaxy=Android.


So what we’re concluding here is that Samsung will continue to offer their current Galaxy Camera, possibly release a new version at some point later this year, but next week at Samsung’s event in London we’ll be seeing their all-new Samsung Galaxy NX Camera. Sporting a 20.9 megapixel shooter, interchangeable lens, and much more.

This is a full-sized DSLR shaped camera, with an impressive 20.9 megapixel sensor, and will be able to swap lenses all while running on what we’re assuming will be Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean. We loved the original Galaxy Camera, and will have ours charged up and ready to snap pictures of their new camera live on June 20th at the unveil in London.

VIA: TechTastic