Samsung won’t have the long-awaited Galaxy S III at Mobile World Congress next week, and it appears that none of the hardware it will have on hand is notable enough for a press conference. But if rumors from MK News can be believed, there’ll be at least one interesting thing to see: a smartphone with no bezel, or at least a nearly invisible one. The “Samsung Galaxy B” is reported to have a Super AMOLED display with no bezel (i.e. no space between the edge of the screen and the edge of the phone) on the side or bottom of the screen, with just a sliver on top for a speaker and front-facing camera.

A lack of bezel would make for a stylish-looking phone, certainly – high-end devices have been getting smaller and smaller bezels every year to squeeze larger displays into phones. The Galaxy Nexus and Galaxy S II already have bezels that are downright tiny. That said, having no bezel at all might be a bit of an issue when it comes to usability: too close to the edge ,and gripping the side of your phone could register a press on the capacitive screen. Speaking of capacitive, a phone with zero bezel on the bottom would mean virtual navigation buttons, and following, Ice Cream Sandwich running at launch.

All of this is absolutely, completely and utterly unconfirmed, with no spy photos or specifications to be had. While organic light-emitting diode technology certainly allows for much smaller spaces outside the screen than traditional LCDs, we haven’t seen anyone incorporate an OLED panel into a phone (or any other device) with no bezel at all. Still, that gives us at least one more reason to swing by Samsung’s booth, the first being the unconfirmed Galaxy Tab 11.6. Make sure to keep out Mobile World Congress portal bookmarked for up-to-the-minute coverage from Barcelona, starting on Sunday.

[via The Next Web]


  1. Edge lighting might be an issues, but I’m sure there are workarounds that can be created.

    The original “reason” for having a bezel on tablets and phones, most notably mentioned when the iPad came out was so that you would have somewhere to hold the device.  However, I don’t think it would be too difficult to add detection software that would detect what is an input contact and what is someone holding the device, either through detecting size and pressure of a contact or by adding additional capacitive and resistive sensors on other surfaces of the phone which would be using in combination with touch detection to determine whether or not a phone was being touched for input or holding.

  2. Yes the no bezel style looks great but the top looks damn ugly. I mean come on Samsung if your gonna make Something great try your hardest.

  3. ugly design, the touch on the phone’s side will annoy you and crack on the  phone will get you crazy because it will affect all the screen function. 


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