Some South Korean tech media outfits have now been pushing stories of Samsung launching what they call the Samsung Galaxy Alpha some time in August, one month ahead of the anticipated launch of Apple’s iPhone 6 in September, with which the Alpha is rumored to lock horns with. The Galaxy Alpha, with its rumored metal finish, sounds a lot like the Galaxy F which had been making the rounds in tech blogs a few weeks back.

We’ve been writing about the Galaxy F, most notably about the metal finishing that sees Samsung – seemingly inseparable from its plastic fetish – depart from what is known to compete with Apple by giving the Galaxy F a premium look and feel. Samsung fans the world over have continually agonized over the company’s love of plastic – even in their flagship devices like this year’s Galaxy S5 – but it seems like they are finally willing to try something new.

Another notable detail worthy of mention are the slim and sexy bezels we saw when we finally got some pictures of the Galaxy F with the screen turned on. Looks like Samsung is learning from its competitors Sony, LG, and HTC who have been purveyors of the slim bezels. Whatever that change cost Samsung, it will be a “win win” for consumers, since super slim bezels are really beautiful to look at.

If the Galaxy Alpha (Galaxy F) hopes to compete with Apple on the iPhone 6 – which is believed to be a new beast in itself, outside of the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 ilk – we hope that Samsung does the right thing by putting in a Snapdragon 805 chipset on it, so that it can really give the performance to compete. Rumors say that the specs will at least be better than the Galaxy S5, or so they say. One last question for us – will the Galaxy Alpha be part of a new flagship line from Samsung which will relegate the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series to second tier?

SOURCE: ET News, pictures from Phone Arena