Perhaps you’ve already had your fill of reports surrounding the premium-looking yet not so premium Samsung Galaxy A family the past few weeks. That said, however, most of the attention has been lavished only on the A3 (A300) and A5 (A500) models of the devices. This round, on the other hand, is dedicated to the still mysterious Galaxy A7, if only but a little. But worry not, because we still have one more rumor about the Galaxy A5 to go with it for good measure.

Thanks to TENAA certifications, we’ve gotten a more or less solid idea of what the Galaxy A3 and Galaxy A5 would look like, at least in terms of specs. The leaked photos and videos earlier this week even gave us a second-hand view of the actual devices in the flesh, so to speak. The Galaxy A7 has oddly been left out of the spotlight though, and it remains to be so, aside for one minor new update.

While the Galaxy A5 is now largely believed to have a 5-inch screen, the name of the A7 seemed to suggest something larger, though not necessarily 7 inches (since the A3 isn’t 3 inches but is 4.5 inches). In reality, at least based on the rumors, the Galaxy A7 would have the same 5 inches as the A5. Later on that number was changed to 5.5 inches. This new information doesn’t change that size one bit, but it does tweak the resolution considerably. Instead of the earlier rumored 720p resolution, same as the Galaxy A5, the Galaxy A7 is now said to sport 1080p Full HD, a more fitting number for a larger model. That said, the rest of the smartphone’s specs remain shrouded in mystery, leading us to speculate it wold be mostly the same with the Galaxy A5’s.

As for the latter, its arrival on the market might actually happen quite soon. The latest word is that the Galaxy A5 would launch in November, implying that a formal reveal will take place soon. As for the price tag, it is naturally lower than that of the more premium Galaxy Alpha but not exactly cheap either, ranging from $400 to $450 according to sources. Now all that’s left to see if there will be much takers of this rather strange and new Samsung line.

VIA: SamMobile