A new Android Go phone is on its way. We’re certain of that and so we only have to wait for the official announcement. The phone is almost ready as its user manual just surfaced on the web. Samsung’s next Android Go smartphone is set to launch soon but we have no idea when exactly. Maybe just before this month ends. But then again it’s only three days before March is over. The next Galaxy A series seems to be really special in this category because of the lightweight Android experience and of course, the price.

The Galaxy J2 Core’s user manual has leaked somewhere which means the photos we’ve been seeing are close to the real thing. The phone is entry-level with only 1GB of RAM. That may not offer much in performance but if you need a basic device that can do basic smartphone features, then the J2 Core is enough.

Samsung Galaxy A2 Core is listed with model number SM-A260F. You can get the manual in English. Read and see for yourself what the phone can do and offer.

The Galaxy A2 Core could cost around $100 or even less. The old J2 Core was only $90 so we’re looking around that price point.

As the first Android Go from the Galaxy A line, this Samsung Galaxy A2 Core will be special. Expect the device to roll out in South Africa and India in a few months.