Samsung Foldable Phone Patent

We believe Samsung is in the process of finalizing design and production for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy Z Flip 3. Rumor has it production has actually began. What we’re certain at this point is that new foldable smartphones will be introduced in the second half of the year. There will be two foldable phone models. As for other foldable devices, we can probably expect another one from Samsung in early 2022. Recently spotted on WIPO is a new Samsung foldable phone parent described with a unique rotating camera module.

The patent is said to feature a device with a foldable screen and a rotating camera module on the right side of the top edge of the unit. Such camera module design isn’t really new but is very unusual for a foldable phone.

You see, the foldable display is already special. Adding a new camera design will make the smartphone more special. It won’t be exactly unique but we’re very much curious about the implementation.

Samsung may simply be exploring this possibility. A foldable phone with a rotating camera module? Why not. The company has used the rotating camera design on the Galaxy A80 so it has an experience.

The patent was filed recently. It contained information about a 180° rotating module on a foldable phone with two housings with a hinge. We also learned about a motion sensor module, a folding angle sensor module, and a rotating module. Let’s just wait and see.