In case you aren’t a fan of the NBA and haven’t seen Samsung’s latest round of GALAXY S 4 commercials this weekend, they’ve been pretty direct at poking fun at the iPhone. This week however, Samsung decided to leave out the iPhone and play nice with two brand new ad spots showcasing features of their GALAXY S 4 flagship smartphone. We enjoy watching the funny commercials, but these are good too.

Instead of making fun of those iDevices and having people question their old iPhone purchases. Or just going crazy like Microsoft’s latest attempts to lure buyers, they opted to keep these two newest TV commercials short and sweet. The first was 90 seconds long and called “Grad Pool Party” but below you can enjoy their two latest, and shorter commercials.

Below you’ll find the new 30 second ad spot called Grad Photo, where Samsung decided to stick to showcasing impressive features of the smartphone instead of talking smack on the competition. Here they simply show off the “Eraser Shot” mode on their 13 megapixel camera. Letting users quickly remove unwanted people and photo-bombers from an image. Check it out.

Then, since we don’t all want to watch a minute and 30 second clip of a smartphone commercial while trying to enjoy some competitive NBA playoff games, this one below is quick and to the point being just 15 seconds long. It’s safe to say Samsung is doing the same thing as they did with the Galaxy S III, and that is releasing a slew of commercials.

This is the first of many. Expect plenty more to follow just in time for the summer, and even more around the holidays. It looks like Samsung, HTC, and Windows Phone are going big with commercials this year. Interesting approach but one we know works, and works well.

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