Samsung is back with those ads we all seem to either love or hate, showing off their latest smartphone the GALAXY S 4. In their latest ad airing during the NBA playoffs called “Pool Party” you’ll get to see many of those new features that make the GALAXY S 4 stand out against the competition. Then, what kind of Samsung commercial would it be without poking fun at Apple. Take a peek below.

As expected, Samsung is already blasting their new smartphone on social media and TV across the nation, and we’re only going to see more of it as the weeks and months pass. Samsung does a pretty good job at TV advertising, even if their launch events are extremely cheesy.

The ad shows off a few of the many new features being delivered with their new smartphone. Things like air gesture controls for answering the phone, their dual-shot camera mode, IR-blaster for controlling the TV and much much more. It’s pretty nifty, shows that they have plenty of cash being spent on adverts, and is actually pretty funny. Here it is:

As usual, Samsung’s aiming right at Apple and poking fun at all those iPhone users. Going as far as to say not all smartphones are as smart as each other. Having owners questioning their decision about getting an iPhone and more. Then of course teases the iPhone for not having NFC for S-Beam photo sharing. Yup, we knew that was coming. I have a feeling this is just one of many new commercials we’ll be seeing soon, and we’ll be sure to post the good and the bad right here.

Do you like the approach of them always knocking their competition? Don’t forget to check out our GALAXY S 4 Review.


  1. I actually know 3 people who were hard core iPhone users who, grudingly, went to the S4. They are so happy with their purchase and can’t believe it took them so long to switch. The iPhone is according to them “a piece of crap compared to this amazing phone”. “Battery life is great”, “Screen looks better”, and “the camera is freaking unbelievable”. iPhone is a joke now.

  2. Not feeling the love for the S4. I nearly wet myself waiting for the original galaxy note but the S4 features are ridiculous. What next? A sausage skin thickness measuring probe? Im trying an HTC this time round.

  3. Great advert..and great poke at the competition. I think its a great phone but not enough for me to ditch my note2

  4. Samsung making fun of the iPhone will always be funny. I’d rather have an HTC One, but it’s still funny.


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