If BlackBerry has Blackberry Hub, the South Korean tech giant has the Samsung Focus app that offers several productivity features from email to calendar, task, contacts, and memo. The mobile app’s main goal is to increase productivity in the workplace, school, or just about anywhere someone needs to manage his schedule and tasks. The numerous features help you save time, energy, and make finishing a task easier and faster.

Special features include Direct Push synchronization with Exchange ActiveSync, EAS/IMAP/POP3 protocol support, Event Sync (Exchange 2010/S planner), Contact Sync, Global Address List (GAL), Memo Sync, Tasks Sync, Unread Badge, and Unified Search. This Samsung Focus has been updated for Samsung devices powered by Android Marshmallow. Other functions allow the users to add event or task from email, view related items for managing history, and take advantage of the easy to join Conference Call.

Samsung Focus app can be used on several mobile devices now as it’s supported on different servers–Outlook, Hotmail, Office 365, Google, Naver, and Exchange Server. More servers are supported like IBM Notes Traveler, MDaemon, IceWarp, Zimbra, Horde, Kerio, and Groupwise. We previously noted this Samsung Focus may arrive with the Note 6. Well, there’s no more Note 7 but at least the Samsung Focus app has gotten an important update.

Samsung Focus is now ready for Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow devices. Download Samsung Focus from the Google Play Store.


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