One thing that Blackberry fans loved (or still love) about their Blackberry 10 OS is the Blackberry Hub which integrated a user’s email, social networks, and instant messengers so you can look at all of them and respond accordingly in just one place. It looks like Samsung will be taking a play out of that book as they are rumored to launch a Samsung Focus app, which will first be introduced in the upcoming Galaxy Note 6.

Samsung Focus will be pulling together all the information and notifications from your email, calendar, contacts, and memos so you will be able to access it all in one hub. It will also be aggregating your various emails so you can read and respond to them in just one place. The main page of the app will feature all the important things you need to know at a glance, like your schedule for the day, reminders, tasks, etc. You will also be able to add calendar entries and respond to event invitations.

There will also be a dedicated contacts page where under each contact, you’ll see the emails, messages, and invites between you and that person. You’ll also have the option to to mark a contact as a priority and also set priority notifications for keywords. The Samsung Focus app will also reportedly have a clean and modern interface, mostly using Material Design UI guidelines.

When Samsung Focus comes out, it will be part of Galaxy Note 6. But what we’re not sure is if it will remove the individual email, calendar, and contacts apps. Also, hopefully, this app will also be available for the other, older Samsung models.

VIA: SAM Mobile


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