It is understood that South Korean smartphone giant Samsung has filed a number of new trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), these are for new names including the “Galaxy Note Edge”, “Alterna”, and “Audition”. Now, all of you Samsung fans calm the heck down – this is not tantamount to an announcement of a new Galaxy Note device yet. But it looks like Samsung is at least making the name available for them to use.

We recently wrote about Samsung testing out multi-sided OLED screens, and there have been numerous rumors about a multi-sided Galaxy Note device. Industry hacks are partly hoping-slash-wishing that the feature would be launched with the new Galaxy Note 4 expected to launch concurrent with IFA 2014 at Berlin in September, but the conservative view is that it might take at least one more season for Samsung to come out with such a device.

“Samsung Galaxy Note Edge” does have a certain ring to it, and it does sound like a catchy name for a device with a folded but fully functioning touch-based OLED screen either on the top and bottom edges or the left and right edges. In fact, Samsung have not back down in showing prototypes of these devices. The only real problem, we think, is the mass production part.

According to the USPTO filing, the “Galaxy Note Edge” name will apply to, at the very least, smartphone devices. As will the “Alterna” and Audition names, both filed categorically for “mobile phones” and “smartphones”. It might not be anything at all – we have seen tech companies file with the USPTO and come out with nothing with the name. But then again, it might point to a future device – or in this case, future Samsung devices.

VIA: My Samsung Phones