From previous lawsuits we already know Samsung has absolutely zero plans of backing down here, or slowing down their attempts to out due Apple in the mobile market. With yesterdays news that Apple was up to their usual and filed another injunction against Samsung, this time against their Galaxy S III, we now have a few reports stating Samsung isn’t worried and will move ahead as planned.

The boys from Cupertino are seeking a quick ban in the United States, this time targeting the Galaxy S III instead of an HTC device. Today our friends from Samsung have fired back, saying they intent to move ahead with the Galaxy S III launch as planned and will fight Apple’s request tooth and nail. I added the tooth and nail part, well, because we all know they won’t go away quietly — and shouldn’t.

Samsung says that it will “vigorously oppose” any attempts by Apple to block the Galaxy S III superphone in the USA, and intends to meet the June 21st release date as planned. Samsung also stated they will “demonstrate to the court that the Galaxy S III is innovative and distinctive.” Apple is going after Samsung for the same “data tapping” patent they locked down on HTC a few weeks back, and have also tossed in their “universal search technology” patent in regards to Siri.

The sit-down for settlement talks (link below) didn’t end too well, and now Apple is seeking a temporary ban on the Galaxy S III until the two can go to court again starting July 30th. We’ll be keeping a close eye on this as things move forward.

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