Well folks, we have more bad news to present the world of Android today from the fruit company we all know plenty about. In another dubious move by Apple it looks like Samsung’s new Galaxy S III could be facing some problems in the coming weeks. Apple has just filed the same preliminary injunction against the Galaxy S III as it did the Nexus in February — and is hoping to get it banned before launching in the US.

The story goes like all the others we’ve heard recently with Apple and HTC, including another filing we mentioned earlier today. Apple has TONS of patents for just about everything, and are leveraging them against the competition. This time around Apple is taking aim with their “universal search technology” Siri, and using that against Samsung’s S-Voice counterpart, as well as the same data tapping (link long press) type actions that we use on virtually every Android device.

The image above while shown on an HTC device from the June 4th filing, is the same patent that Apple is using to attack Samsung today. Apple’s “data tapping” IP is described as a “system and method for performing an action on a structure in computer-generated data,” which is their background technology that powers the menu options like you see in Gmail, and the picture above. Between that and S-Voice Apple might have a pretty good chance at getting “some” judges to rule in their favor.

Late last month they got a temporary ban that stopped all shipments of HTC’s new One X, and EVO 4G LTE that was later dropped by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) after a short week or so delay. If a judge manages to pass off this latest attempt by Apple we could see the highly highly popular and extremely anticipated Galaxy S III delayed. I sure hope not, but you never know. Time to get out the pitchforks guys because this is getting old!

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  1. Ah, to think that there exists an alternate reality in which bogus patents such as “swipe to unlock” and “long press” have never been issued. Just imagine if Apple had to try and play fair, thousands of their in-house lawyers would be jobless. *dreams*

  2. Apple needs to stop this. It hurts innovation and destroys pretty cool phones. Strve Jobs was a control freak and hated all other peoducts than his and would force them on the public giving everyone no choice in phones. The iphone has become crap and nog evolved with the times like Galaxy s series phones.

  3. Apple really makes me sick to my stomach. I, just like everyone else in the US, have been waiting for the galaxy s3 to hit our shores to be able to buy this beast of a smartphone, and Apple is just going to try to ruin it again, just like they did with the launch of the One X… this is just sad really. I really just think Apple is just jealous at how much more popular the S3 is compared to the 4S. Come on Apple! Give it a rest!

  4. HEY APPLE , y u r crying all the time. first of all u never provide best quality ipohne (no grt8 features).. jst one update in new release with over price budget never make the sale.. wat is thiz..
    2ndly yup i agree with u dat samsung copied ur idea but this is not the solution..
    think abt wat if u provide great feature under gud budget.. so dont fight, jst prove urself the way u were ,be innovative be creative and prove dat yes we can do our best but not in fighting rather by providing best phones to our people..
    samsung give their best in galaxy s2 new innovation creativity so many features. dats y they make so many sales of their product.. learn not to fight.. fight is the way for lossers not for winners. nd i think u r winner.. so prove it.

  5. What happened to competition in showrooms instead of courtrooms. It is just like one of the car companies claiming patent or ownership to the steering wheel or whether to turn the wheel right or left There are just a few ways u can turn the wheel if u want to go right or left..same on the small touch screen on a cellphone, there are limited ways to interact with the screen and this shouldn’t be patented to anyone. It is just ludicrous to claim that as an invention to warrant a patent to one company…who issues out these patents?? Time to revisit and abrogate some of these patents to ensure vibrant competition by OEMs.

  6. Siri was not an Apple innovation. Before Siri there was Vlingo (not owned by Apple) an what Apple did was just to tweak it a little bit and then came Siri. As I said in a previous comment on the ban on HTC’s One X, Apple sucks at competition. They just can’t take competition. Instead of innovating and making something better, they ban the hell out of any company who is a threat to their market. Man, the absolutely suck those damn pigs. There was a time when you would be free to choose between a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson, these days it seems as it Apple wants to be the only smartphone manufacturer. That is not playing fair. They already have so mucho money, they are America’s wealthier company and still they want to rule the world on smartphones. Android is absolute innovation, it is not a copy from an iPhone. If it was a copy I wouldn’t be buying an Android phone. However, something Apple can’t stop is for us customers to buy Android phones on Amazon or Ebay.

  7. Apple can bugger off samsung are the best have used there fne’s for years and would never go for another brand there the best i have got all of my friends on samsung too apple can go kiss ass thas 2 fnes they have tried to ban

  8. Really this nit picking stuff is really getting sad……..Its like a bunch of school kids being “Bullies” exactly what are they teaching our Children….That when they Grow Up that they can continue their Bulling but in an Adult kind of Way……… Come On Their needs some growing up to do here, don’t you think.


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