The Fascinate is one of those devices you look at and you say – yes, that is Samsung, and yes, that is awesome. It’s got a sweet version of TouchWiz, it’s got the folks at CyanogenMod working on it, and it’s just the right size for your pocket and hand without being explosively large like the Infuse 4G or the tiny feature phones all carriers still carry for one reason or another. There’s magic in them loins, and if you’ve got Fascinate, you wanna keep it fresh. That’s why you’ve GOT to get out there and get the latest software update i500.ED05, it’s got updates you won’t want to miss.

This update will first of all make it so your device will be properly receiving incoming calls. If there’s one thing I don’t like, it’s a telephone that can’t receive calls. Next, along the lines of Messaging, you’ve got an update that will correct a bug in which after sending a multi-recipient SMS message, single-recipient SMS messages would not send correctly. Furthermore, SMS message replies will now be delivered to the correct recipient. Didn’t know these errors existed? Better check with your family and friends and see that they didn’t get those nasty messages you meant to send your enemies.

Then there’s the addition of Google Books. While I’m not a fan of having an update add an app that I cannot get rid of without rooting, Google Books is a pretty good one for reading ebooks. We’ll let this one slide. You can get this update by hitting Menu on your homescreen, going to Settings, then pulling your menu all the way up until you see Software update – then you know what to do.

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