MIUI may be making its own phone, but CyanogenMod is continuing its growth as the most widely ported Custom ROM. The phone in question today is the Samsung Fascinate, Verizon’s version of the original Samsung Galaxy S. Source for the device has been added to the CyanogenMod GitHub and nightlies are on the way.

CyanogenMod is as we mentioned, the most ported ROM there is, and its consistently one of if not THE most popular ROM for the phones its ported to. If you aren’t familiar with CM’s awesomeness, it is a stock based ROM (no more UI skins!) that adds a boat load of performance improvements and features, like wireless tethering, theme support, and incognito tabs in the browser.

Porting CyanogenMod isn’t always the easiest process, as we can see with the Galaxy S line. It took awhile for CyanogenMod to make its way to the original SGS, and separate branches had to be made for the Captivate and Vibrant variants. Unofficial alpha ports have been around for the Fascinate and Epic 4G versions, and late last night the Fascinate’s version was deemed worthy of being made official.

This is great news for Fascinate owners, and also a great time to give a big thanks to all the devs out there working on projects like CyanogenMod, MIUI, and all the other great hacks and mods we have in the Android community. These guys do a lot of great stuff, and most of the time don’t get anything for it. So thank you to everyone who develops and gives to Android, and in this case thanks to the CyanogenMod team for bringing the bacon to the Fascinate!