There’s a lot of question marks surrounding the Samsung Fascinate. Verizon’s variation of the Samsung Galaxy S line-up has yet to get an official launch date, even as the other major wireless carriers have already launched their own device, or are getting ready to in a matter of days. But, that looks to be coming to a swift stop, if these new leaked images are any indication.

We just told you that the Fascinate is heading into warehouses around the country, which means that Verizon is probably getting ready to launch the device. After all, can’t give folks devices if the wireless carrier doesn’t have them. So, as we should have expected, right on the heels of that leak we’ve got an internal Verizon document outlining when the Fascinate will be ready to be ordered by Verizon employees. Along with that bit of information, though, comes the mention of a September 9th launch date.

That would make sense, as that would be a major Android-based handset released in September. And if Verizon wants to remain the Android leader here in the United States, they can’t let any time slip by without a handset worth mentioning getting released. The Fascinate is a great way to make sure that people’s expectations for Verizon and Google’s mobile Operating System are still high — even if they are the last major carrier to launch it. Right now, this is still a rumor, so stay tuned. Hopefully we get an official statement soon.

[via Android Central]