Here in just a few days, all of the major wireless carriers in the United States will have launched their own versions of the Samsung Galaxy S device. All of them, except Verizon. In all honesty, it probably makes sense that Verizon hasn’t launched the Fascinate yet, simply because they’ve been putting a lot of backing on their Droid line of Android-powered handsets, and off setting that with the launch of the Fascinate is probably counter-productive to whatever their game plan is. That being said, it looks like the Super AMOLED-toting device is starting to show up in Verizon warehouses.

Thanks to an anonymous tipster, the leaked images indeed show that the Fascinate is beginning to make an appearance in Verizon-related buildings somewhere out there. The speculation about when the device will launch is certainly picking up now, even if the device still isn’t listed in Verizon’s equipment guide yet. A rumor we had heard a couple of weeks ago pegged the Fascinate as an October launch, but not counting the R2-D2 model Motorola Droid 2, that would mean Verizon would have the entire month of September without an Android device.

So, is the Fascinate going to launch at the beginning of September, or will Verizon take a break this next month, and still launch it in the Halloween month? Anyone’s guess at this point, but hopefully it gets cleared up sooner than later. There’s plenty of people out there waiting for this phone, Verizon.

[via Phandroid]