Exynos 2100 – Samsung’s current flagship SoC – is a better processor than any of the company’s previous iterations. Even though it offers better clock speeds than Qualcomm’s flagship Snapdragon 888, it doesn’t really have the overall firepower to topple the latter from the pinnacle. Now in a vision to change that, Samsung at recently concluded CES 2021, while announcing the Exynos 2100, informed that its next-generation Exynos chipsets will feature AMD GPUs in the gut.

There was no timeline for when such a combination would launch. In fact, back then we presumed it wouldn’t be before the start of next year, considering the Koreans already have a flagship processor for this year – powering its Galaxy S21 series flagship smartphones.

Things change really fast in the tech circles. Already, as a way of leak from renowned leakster Ice Universe – who has a wonderful track record of predicting Samsung timelines – we learn, new Exynos chipsets with AMD GPUs could be released in “the second or third quarter of 2021.” Now that’s a timeline none would have expected, but then Samsung has a lot to prove.

Ice Universe has also tweeted that these GPUs “will be used in the next Exynos 2xxx and Exynos 1xxx processors.” Presumably, these will be successors to the Exynos 2100 and Exynos 1080 – brand’s other 5nm chipset – which will try and better the Adreno 660 GPU-based Snapdragon 888.

Although the information about the launch of Exynos processors with AMD GPUs is very limited, even the leaker is not too confident stating “Samsung may change the release time of the new processors,” but the fact that such chipsets are on the way is pretty clear now. If next-gen Exynos chipsets are to be announced as early as second half of this year, we can then expect phones with them shipping out in time for next year’s CES in January.